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4 Bedroom Colour Palettes You Will Love!

Bedroom Colours Don't Have To Be Difficult

When remodeling your home, you'll find the bedroom is one place you'll want to pick the perfect palette. Your bedroom is often the one space you go to at the end of a long day to ultimately rest and let your body reenergize. Your bedroom colour helps set the mood and subconsciously soothes your mind into a state of restfulness.
If you choose bright, lively bedroom paint colors, you will find it harder to relax naturally. Muted, subdued tones bring softness, especially with lamplight illuminating the space. You'll want to choose a cozy colour palette reflective of the warmth and comfort of a favorite sweater. You can go with rich, dark hues that feel luxurious, or light, soft tones that feel free and relaxing. Four colour palettes that are perfect for bedrooms are blues, purples, chocolate browns, and reds.

Bedroom Color Palette #4 - Blue Bedroom Colors

Blue Bedroom Colors

Choosing a blue paint colour palette for the bedroom creates a sense of tranquility. Blue paint colours can be very relaxing, carrying a coolness that invites you to get in bed and warm up under the covers. When you choose to paint the walls in a blue paint color, you'll want to decide ahead of time what kind of feeling you want when you're in the room. If you go with a very dark blue such as navy, the room will look very dark and the contrast will be startling. You can layer other dark shaded, rich tones such as greys or a deep bronze for furniture colour and bedding to create a less stark environment. Accent colours that are a muted shade will adds some depth as well. If you go with lighter shades of blue paint colours your space will feel airy and passive. Often layers of lighter colored items and furniture such as whites or pale silvers will complete that look for a fresh, delicate retreat.

Bedroom Color Palette #3 - Purple Bedroom Colors

Purple Bedroom Colors

Nothing quite makes a statement like a purple paint color! It sets a majestic, royal atmosphere when the purple tones are deep and rich in color. Often you see dark purples matched with golds, which causes the feeling of royalty to be even stronger. If you're not wanting to feel like you are living in a castle try toning down the purple. You can use a lighter, almost grayish-purple that feels relaxing and mellow. That bedroom colour looks great with accents of mirrors framed in brushed nickel. You can play with a variety of colours to lend to the mood of a purple room. 


Bedroom Color Palette #2 - Brown & Grey/Beige Bedroom Colors

Grey Bedroom Colors

Ultimate luxury and the feeling that you are at the spa can be accomplished by painting the bedroom grey or brown. A plush, inviting environment caused by deep chocolatey colours in the bedroom will invite you in and immediately bring you to a relaxed state of mind. Brown is a very cozy, warm colour that looks wonderful with bedroom accents in colours found in nature. Browns are very versatile. Some contrast in a brown room is necessary to avoid the furniture, bedding, and walls to blend into one another. You want to see the differentiation in the room. Going with lighter shades of creams or khakis will enhance that spa feeling. Explore the colours of nature and enhance the brown bedroom palette in a personal way! The combinations are endless!

Bedroom Color Palette #1 - Red Bedroom Colors

Red Bedroom Colors - Bedroom Color Palette
Looking for passion? Go with a red bedroom color! Obviously a bright red won't lend to a calming set up in a bedroom, but tone it down a little to a deeper shade, and you will fall in love with your favorite area! Be careful when going with a red bedroom colour palette to avoid blending paint colours that will clash and make you cringe. Choose subtle accents like pale greens or deep brown paint colors. Dark wood is a beautiful compliment to a dark red bedroom color, so look for furniture that will help show off your romantic bedroom palette.

Don't Feel Limited! There Are Plenty Of Bedroom Colors To Choose From!

Blue Bedroom Colors

Whether your goal is to create a light, dreamy space, or a rich passion-oriented retreat, you'll find that your options are plentiful with the choices of these four paint colour palettes. Take to heart the paint colours you like to envelope yourself in... What makes you feel good? Why makes you feel cozy? What makes you feel relaxed? Use that internal information and translate it into the bedroom colour you choose for the sanctuary in your home, your bedroom!

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