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What Colour Should I Paint My Room?

Get inspired by these great bedroom color ideas!

Q: What colour should I paint my room?

A: We have all asked this question before, despite us all thinking we are interior design masters. We want to help you bring that feeling of TV Home Improvement Show/DIY design into your space - no matter how small it is. This article talks about 4 different bedroom ideas to help give great character and space to your safe place and hopefully end up helping your figure out what colour you should use to paint your room.

Are you craving a serene space where you can kick your shoes off and unwind after a long day? The best place for some good old rest and relaxation is obviously your bedroom. However, if your bedroom is painted too bright of a paint color, it may actually have the opposite effect on you.

Bedroom Color Idea 1 - Create A Chill Space
Muted grey colours are the perfect shade for a bedroom that will provide you with that relaxed feeling so many of us long for when we are stressed out or mentally drained. Add a chaise lounge for the ultimate chill spot. Accessorize the room with blueish grey pillows and curtains for a basic look or opt for a more progressive feel with soft pink accents. Before you know it, your bedroom will be the turning point in your daily relaxation.


Bedroom Color Idea 2 - Keep It Natural!
How about a bedroom that seems to welcome you from the moment you cross the threshold? A soothing shade of light herbal green greets you with a warm smile and offers an encouraging hand. You feel invited into your space by the natural paint colour shades surrounding you. Dress it up with antique whites and a darker sage green bedspread. Be sure to include a reading nook and a few dark green plants for the most inviting space. By the time you are finished, you won't ever want to leave!

Bedroom Color Idea 3 - Make Your Small Space Luxurious
Are you aiming for a more luxurious, comfortable feeling? Imagine a posh spa where everything is clean, cushy and cozy, but NOT stark white. This is a big beautiful bedroom with big soft pillows and fluffy rugs, down comforters and layers upon layers of sheer drapes. What will really set the mood for comfort is a subdued lavender on the walls. Add some character with a soft, dark charcoal grey rug and a lavender padded bench at the foot of the bed. This room deserves the fluffiest, coziest down comforter you can find! Grab one with both grey and lavender shades. Add a few soft white pillows as brightening accents. Have you ever considered adding Shiplap to a wall for a great accent piece? (See our What Is Shiplap? article for more info.) What about using some soft pink colors of paint, Magnolia Blossom or Magnolia spray to make the room feel soft and relaxing?  Who needs a spa day with a bedroom like this? 

Bedroom Color Idea 4 - Make It More Modern
What if you're thinking, "These bedroom ideas all sound great, but my style is more modern." Well I've got the colours to make you say WOW! Modern colour schemes are much more vivid than the ones we've talked about so far. They are rarely referred to as soft or muted. There is a wide range of colours that are considered modern, but the best one for a bedroom is a light yet vivid shade of aqua blue. This colour will give your space that satisfactory pop of colour you've been craving. Play it up with some solid gray pull down shades and a gray bedspread. Add some bright white accents to give the room a fresh feel. This crisp contemporary space will have you waking up every morning full of energy, ready for whatever comes your way.

Remember, these colour schemes are just guidelines. Let them be the base for your imagination to run wild until you have designed a bedroom that only you could design-one that is just for you!

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