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Top Deck Stains For Your Wooden Deck

Find the top deck stains for your deck

Choosing the right wood stain colours for your deck is an important part of the deck building process. It is wise not to leave this decision to the last minute to ensure you end up with something that you love. The wood stain colours you choose will vary based on your esthetics, needs and wood type.

Deck stain colours can range from a natural look to a bold look. Deck stains also protect your wood and extend the longevity of your deck. If you are not sure how to choose a color, the easiest solution is to pick one that complements your home's exterior paint color. Alternatively, choose the colour closest to your deck's natural wood color. Below are some top picks for wood stain colors.

Top Deck Stains - Hemp Solid Stain 

If unfussy neutrals are your preference, try Hemp solid wood stain. Since this is a solid stain, it will cover the wood's natural colour and grain completely. Some wood texture will be visible, but minimal. Solid wood stains are richest in colour and are the best choice to cover imperfections or aging decks. They also create the most dramatic change in an outdoor space. A neutral wood stain, like Hemp, will pair well with bold patio furniture like red, blue or green. It also goes well with other neutrals and looks great on pergolas. Hemp stain will hide dirt well and clean easily. Solid stain colours need to be reapplied after five years.

Top Deck Stains - Dogwood

Another popular shade for decks is a shade known as Dogwood. This semi-transparent stain is ideal for those who love having a warm hint of red on their deck stain colors. Dogwood makes a lovely choice if you plan to entertain a lot as draws people to your deck from your house. Many people find dogwood pleasing on the eye and relaxing when they're outside for a few hours. This is a great shade to pick if you have a garden next to your deck as it helps show off many florals from deep purple pansies to the lightest of softly tinted pink roses.

Top Deck Stains - Gray Slate

Those who like shades of blue should consider a shade such as Gray Slate. This charming mixture of shades of blue and gray is a solid shade that has many advantages. It helps hide stains, meaning you don't have to worry too much when dropping that hot dog as you eat outside or if you have muddy feet. The shade of blue wood stains also helps show off a house with a slate roof or one that has been painted in a light shade of blue. Gray slate works well with many kinds of deck woods, making it a highly versatile choice. 

Top Deck Stains - Dark Ash 

One of the best ways to help add bring in an element of soothing coolness is with the use of lighter shades of stain. Dark Ash is a semi-solid stain colour that brings in a deep white to any space. If you have a deck that gets a lot of sun, this is a solid colour choice as it allows you to help keep the deck cool even when it's really hot. The lighter colour also works to add tonal contrast between any darker colored wood that may be present anywhere else on the exterior of your home.

A deck is an integral part of your house. You want to get all the detail right so you have the look you really want. The top deck stain colours can help accomplish all of these goals. Deck staining isn't hard as long as you have the right tools. Proper preparation and the ideal colours of wood stain will help you get a deck that looks wonderful from all angles. Think about the kind of wood stain colours that suit your plans for the deck and you'll get a deck you can enjoy as long as you stay in your home.

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