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How To Stain A Gazebo

Refresh your gazebo using this easy guide

Staining a wooden gazebo can seem like a daunting task, but have no fear - it is much easier than you think. By following this simple wood staining guide you are sure to be tackling the project in no time. By staining a gazebo you accomplish not only adding a fresh touch of curb appeal to your exterior, but you also protect your structure for the winter to come. Here are the quick and easy steps you can take to get your wooden gazebo looking fabulous.

Step One: Check the Wood

The first step in staining a wood gazebo is to actually check the wooden surface you are going to be applying stain to. You should look for anything sticking out from the wood, such as nails, staples, rough edges, etc. Any abnormalities sticking out from an otherwise smooth surface will drastically hinder the end results.


Step Two: Wash the Gazebo

Making sure the wood is completely clean and ready for staining is the next step in preparing the wood. You can do this by purchasing a wood cleaner. Simply apply the cleaner, scrub, and wash it away. Afterwards, make sure to let the wood completely dry. 


Step Three: Applying the Stain

While exploring wood stains for gazebos, you may also want to grab some rollers or brushes to apply it with, either method will work fine. Now that the wood is clear of any foreign objects, washed, and dried, we can finally begin staining a gazebo. During the application it is important to apply the wood stain evenly throughout the entire project. Leaving a thicker coat in one spot can cause a disproportionate tone on the wood. If you added too much in a certain area, try to spread the stain out and even out the overall coverage.


Step Four: Allow the Stain to Settle

Once you have evenly applied the stain to the wood, the next thing to do is give the stain time to settle in. It is a common rule of thumb to let the stain dry for 24-78 hours, although you should follow whatever recommendations your particular wood stain gives. Please keep in mind that your local humidity or temperature can affect this time frame as well, so judge accordingly. 


Step Five: Reap the Rewards

Once you have completed all the previous steps and can officially say you know how to stain a gazebo, you can then sit back and appreciate the final product. To keep your gazebo looking freshly coated all year long, make sure to keep up with maintenance and clean your wood once or twice a year. This will keep the stain fresh and clear of any dirt or grime buildup.

This project can really add an extra oomph when it comes to your lawn and can add curb appeal for future prospective buyers. This will be a DIY project you will remember fondly for years to come. Now, take a look at our selection of wood stains and find the right stain for your wooden gazebo.

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