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Go Natural With These 4 Wood Stain Colours for Your Deck

Protect and Beautify Wood With Colours of Wood Stain Plucked From Nature

The beauty of a wood deck transforms your home and yard. It provides an oasis for the family to rest after a hard day's work and a stage for entertaining friends on the weekend. For families who enjoy the outdoors, a deck is one of the smartest additions they can choose. Such an important architectural element needs the right deck stain colours to make it perfect.
With so many wood stains on the market, it may be difficult for a homeowner to choose the right one. You want to protect the wood for years while complementing its natural grain and adding style as well. Consider blending your deck into the beauty of your backyard with these four stain colours borrowed directly from nature.

Here are a few colours of wood stain to consider for your deck:


Dark Oak Semi-Transparent Stain
Like the stately trees that give this option its name, Dark Oak wood stain colours your deck with a subtle layer of warm brown. The semi-transparent quality allows the grain of the wood to show through, which only adds to the natural beauty of the wood. New decks may be the best bet for semi-transparent deck stain colors.
Many house styles would look great with Dark Oak boards out back. Because this is a warm yet subdued shade, it can provide the perfect backdrop for any type of outdoor furniture, planters, or other decorations you keep on your deck.


Deck Stain Color - 717 Redwood Naturaltone
This convenient blend of wood stains and sealants comes in multiple colours including the Redwood Natural shade. This option provides more coverage and does not show off the wood grain, so it is ideal for plain boards that have no natural interest. It will give your deck a slightly russet, golden tone to provide a pop colour in your backyard. The convenience of sealant included right in the mixture makes application so much easier and quicker for the homeowner.


Autumn Gray Resurfacer
Replacing a worn out or faded deck costs a lot of money and can cause damage to your house and yard. Instead of considering a full renovation project, many homeowners opt to resurface instead. As long as the deck is structurally sound, the property owner can easily finish this job in a weekend.

Old, weathered boards will get new life with a coat of Olympic Resurfacer in warm Autumn Gray. Most colours of wood stain seek to erase the appearance of time and wear. This unique shade embraces it and combines beautiful gray patina of age with an undercurrent of warm brown that will invite people to stay and rest a while. 


Timberline Solid Wood Stain Color
While soft browns and weathered grays interest many property owners when they first think about refinishing their deck, others prefer a bolder shade. Timberline in the Olympic Summit collection brings to mind towering redwoods and sun streaming through the high branches of trees in full autumn leaf. Its warm brown tone has a generous tinge of red that will work well with more rustic house styles and woodsy backyards. This stain is a solid colour so it can hide many imperfections in the deck's wood or revitalize worn boards.


Colors of deck stain vary from the palest and most transparent tan to completely opaque blues and greens. The majority concentrate on the shades of brown and gray which borrow from the natural world around us. Choose from semi-transparent options that allow the natural wood grain to show through or full-coverage colours that hide imperfections perfectly.
No matter what, the colour you choose should complement your home's exterior paint, stain, or siding. Some people choose stain colours that match the trim around windows and doors. Others create a more cohesive look with a matching front railing or lamp posts. Options for the backyard include separate gazebos or garden benches in a matching stain color.

Whether you have an existing deck that needs a facelift or are having one built for the first time, these four wood stain colours are excellent choices for a more natural look. Along with the correct sealants and waterproof solutions, any of them can make your deck beautiful for many years to come.
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