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How Long Does It Take To Stain A Deck?

Don't waste your whole weekend - stain quickly by following the right steps.

Q: I want to give my deck a new look but I don’t want to spend a ton of time working on it. How long does it take to stain a deck and what steps should I follow? Thanks!

A: Staining a deck doesn't take as long as you may think. The typical deck can be stained in a matter of a couple hours given the right circumstances. If the conditions are not right, however, it can take significantly longer. Read below for advice on the conditions needed to make sure your project is completed as quickly as possible.

The Weather

When you are staining your deck you need to make sure you have the right weather conditions for a successful project. Staining when it is too wet outside or if the surface of the deck is too hot can cause problems with adhesion and lengthen the time it takes to complete your project. While having dry conditions is the best way to ensure you project finishes quickly there are stains that can be applied to a wet surface and dry in 8-12 hours. To learn about stains that can be applied in many types of weather click here.


The Wood

If wood has been previously stained it can cause delays in the project compared to new wood that has never been finished. Previously stained wood may make the new coat of stain take longer to adhere if it has not been properly stripped. To make sure your deck is stained quickly, use a premium stain stripper to remove all latex and oil-based coatings that have been previously applied.

Additionally, many people have decks made of pre-treated wood. Pre-treated wood must be dried before stain can be applied and it is important to choose a stain that is oil-based. For advice on choosing a stain & colour for your pre-treated wood deck click here.


The Project

Knowing the right steps in advance can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for you to stain your deck. Following proper prep is critical to reducing time wasted on fixing mistakes. If you want an easy to follow guide on how to stain your deck quickly, click here.


Staining a deck doesn’t have to ruin an entire weekend. Following the right steps and having the right conditions will either make or break your project. To find the right wood stain for your deck please click the link below.

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