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Power Washing Tips: How To Power Wash A Deck

How to power wash a deck without damaging your wood

Power washing a deck is one way to help prep your deck for a fresh new coat of wood stain or get it ready for your next event. However there is more to it than just turning on the compressor and spraying it down. The proper instructions for power washing should be followed to make sure that while you are cleaning your wood you aren't damaging it. To get the clean look you want without ruining your deck please use our following step-by-step guide.

Power Washing Step 1: Apply A Quality Deck Cleaner

Use a cleaner that is actually designed for decks, such as our Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner and apply it to all of the surfaces you will be power washing. Make sure to follow all of the instructions listed on the package to get the best possible results. Following up this deck cleaner with the stremgth of a power washer is a great way to ensure you get as clean of a surface as possible.


Power Washing Step 2: Select The Right Tip

It is extremely easy to damage your wood deck if you power wash it with the incorrect tip. Never use a jet-style tip to clean your deck. You can ruin your wood and leave path-like marks circling each board if you attempt to clean it using a jet-style tip. Only use a fan-style or brush-like power washing tip when cleaning a wooden deck surface.


Power Washing Step 3: Choose The Right Pressure

One of the most important things to remember is that if you leave the pressure of the power washer on high you may damage your wood and leave marks that cannot be covered up by a wood stain. Set your power washer at a low to medium setting when cleaning a deck to make sure you do not damage your wood.


Power Washing Step 4: Give Your Deck Some Space

Never spray your deck with the power washer tip right near the wood. It can permanently damage the wood by imprinting lines and marks when a sprayer is held too close to the surface. Instead give the deck some space and pull back a bit to allow for an even application. When you begin spraying your power washer work in a moderately paced side-to-side motion so that all surfaces are cleaned evenly and there are no lines left behind.


Now that you've successfully cleaned your deck the right way it is important to choose a wood stain that can help give your exterior entertaining space a fresh look. Check out our link below for quality wood stains that will beautify your deck.

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