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Patio Stain Colours

Great colors for your wooden patio project

Q: What colour should I stain my patio? Are there stain colours for wooden patios that you recommend? Thanks!

A: Staining your patio is about finding the right colour for your home's exterior. Various factors affect which colours you should use for your patio, such as your overall theme and existing exterior decor. However, there's a few stain colours for patios that will work well with virtually any theme and are perfect for staining your patio. 

Clear Sealants

A clear sealant brings out the natural beauty of the wood you used to build your deck with while still providing it with protection from the elements. With a clear sealant, the natural colour of your wood won't be altered. Instead, it'll just be given a nice protective finish. Determine the type of wood that you have, and then get the appropriate stain, such as Clear on Cedar, Clear on Redwood or Clear on Pressure Treated Wood. Clear sealants are one of those stain colours for patios that you can't go wrong with. 


Canyon Brown Toner

If you want to preserve some of your wood's natural beauty while still giving it a hint of color, then a toner is the way to go. Toners maintain the clarity and durability of your wood. The Canyon Brown colour is a nice, earth-toned brown that is sure to match any patio decor. It's very natural-looking and would nicely complement both bright, colorful themes as well as muted, nude ones. This toner is also one of those stain colours for your patio that is a super-pigmented ready-mix variety that's relatively easy to apply. 


Oxford Brown Stain

A semi-transparent stain is ideal when you want to allow some of your wood's grain and texture to show through while still giving it color. The Oxford Brown is a deep brown that's almost black, but what's really great about it is that it will still allow the natural lines and grain in your wood to show through, giving the overall stained patio a really unique look. It allows you to provide your wood with a subtle hint of rich color, and this Oxford Brown colour pairs well with just about any other patio colours you can think of. 


Almond Solid Stain

When you're looking stain colours for your patio that offer a for a rich, opaque colour while still allowing the wood's texture to show through, then you'll want a solid stain. The Almond Solid Stain is a creamy, beige-like almond colour that nicely complements homes of any color. No matter whether your home is painted yellow, blue or white, Almond Solid Stain will look well with it. This solid stain is self-priming and provides a high amount of protection to your wood's surface. 


While staining your patio isn't hard, it does require the appropriate amount of preparation. Once you determine how much grain and texture of your wood you want to show through on your patio, then you can deduce the type and colour of stain that would work best for your project. Click below to find the right patio stain for your next project.

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