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The Hottest Wood Stain Colours for 2017

Popular deck stain colors you will love

Choosing between deck stain colours can be a difficult process, but it's essential if you want to make the investment into your deck worthwhile. If you're struggling to choose the right colour for your deck, then look at four of the most popular wood stain colours of 2017.

#4. California Rustic

Opaque colours like California Rustic are especially appealing as a stain choice if you have an older worn or weathered deck. California Rustic stands out from other stain colours for its remarkably dark red hue, which allows it to be a statement without becoming gaudy. This colour is ideal for homes with brick exteriors, as the shades are similar enough to match but not so similar that the colours are identical and monochromatic. If you're considering wood stain colours with classic charms and bold colors, then California Rustic should certainly be on that list.


#3. White Birch

Semi-transparent colours like White Birch make ideal stain colours if you want to show off the natural grain of your deck while adding a pop of colour to the wood. White Birch is a subtle stain which will brighten up your deck and, by virtue of being a lighter shade, cause it to look larger. The cherry on top? Because White Birch is a bright and semi-transparent shade, it makes a beautiful highlight to high-quality woods in a way that thicker, darker colours of wood stain simply can't match.


#2. Colonial Blue

Colonial Blue is a solid medium-toned blue that looks absolutely gorgeous on decks of all styles. 
This classic blue will give your deck a kind of classic elegance and, unlike other wood stains, will provide significant protection to your damaged deck. Colonial Blue is particularly popular for older homes, since this shade was popular in the U.S.'s early history and easily lends itself to colonial designs.

#1. Clear Sealants

It's hard to beat the classics, and natural wood tones will always make for stylish colours of wood stain. Clear Sealants are ideal for high-quality wood that is resistant to wear and tear, as they offer the lowest protection among deck stain colors. That said, the look of a naturally-colored deck is often enough to make up for the decreased defense. Clear Sealants come in a variety of colours to match high-quality woods like cedar, redwood and even pressure treated woods. This means that, regardless of the shade, you can reliably show off the natural beauty of your wooden deck or patio while giving the colour a slight boost with a clear sealant in a matching shade.


Choose Wisely

Choosing between wood stains can be quite the challenge when you're trying to find the perfect shade for your deck or patio, but there's nothing to be afraid of. The deck staining process is a relatively simple one, provided that you undergo the right preparation and, of course, use the right colour and the right product. Click the link below to find the type of wood stain that works best for your deck.

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