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What Stain Should I Use?

Learn about each type of wood stain and what colors would work right in your project

Q: What wood stain should I use? I want to stain my deck but don't really know what the different opacities of wood stain are and I could use some help picking what type of wood stain I need to use for my deck?
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A: Great question! When shopping for wood stain colors, it is important to know what type of look you're trying to create in order to choose the right staining product. Deck stains can come in various types of finishes and ensuring you choose a good match for the wood you will be staining will make your project a success. Below we will discuss just a few of the popular stain options and colors.

Clear Sealant Wood Stains

With so many colours of wood stain from which to chose, sometimes it is just easier to stick to the basics by using what is known as a clear sealant. A clear sealant. is an excellent way of letting the true beauty of your wood shine through. A simple sealant will help protect your wood from nature's elements while still maintaining a completely natural look. If you have wood decking that has a lot of grain to it, a simple clear sealant will keep the grain and texture of the wood completely exposed, where other types of finishes would subdue or even altogether eliminate the visibility of the grain. We will talk about a few of those options next.

Toner Wood Stain Colors 

If you are looking for something a tad more than a clear sealant, but still want to highlight the features of your wood decking, you may want to consider going with a toner colour like Honey Gold. Toner colours allow you to add a slight layer of stain to the natural colour of your wood without hiding the unique features of the wood. Honey Gold is a good choice if you are looking to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. While toners provide some color, they still allow for the texture and grain of your wood to show through. 

Semi Transparent Wood Stain Colors

For those who are aiming for a bit more coverage and want a little more flexibility in how much or little of their wood's texture they expose, there are semi transparent color options. Redwood is a popular choice in this category as it compliments almost any exterior surrounding and most landscapes. Semi transparent color wood stains can help to hide imperfections in the wood or just simply give a more bold look to your wood. 

Solid Stain Colors

Solid stain colors, like Rocky Gray, provide the most coverage. Some people prefer this option if they are looking to create more of a bold statement and are not necessarily concerned with the amount of grain they leave exposed. Rocky Gray is a good choice to help bring some warmth to your outdoor living area while providing maximum surface coverage. Solid stain colours are also popular for those who may have some flaws in the wood they would like to conceal because it is more of a full coverage stain. There are a multitude of colour options here to match virtually any home. Grays like Rocky Gray are very popular in today's home design market and can help you achieve just the right look with a deeper level of coverage.

As long as proper preparation steps are followed prior to beginning the staining process, the finished product will be something you will be proud to display. Because of the wide variety of colours of wood stain available depending on the stain required it is important to really put some thought into choosing the right wood stain product to complement your particular wood project. 

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