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A Gorgeous Rooftop Deck Transformation

A Rooftop Redo Creates an Urban Oasis

It's an enviable asset: A rooftop deck in the middle of downtown, surrounded by restaurants, sports stadiums, and museums with 270-degree views of the city skyline. The downtown company used it for company meetings, client parties, and even relaxed pregame tailgates on occasion. But after 10 years the deck was showing its age; the boards were dry and weathered from years of foot traffic and exposure to the elements. It needed a refresh, especially ahead of the company’s 15th anniversary.

Their contractor recommended Olympic brand stain for its reputation as an easy-to-work-with quality product strong enough to endure the weather and lots of foot traffic. In three simple steps over the course of one week, the 2,000 square-foot rooftop deck went from weathered to wonderful. Here’s how:


Day 1: Strip

On day one, contractors used a sprayer to cover the deck in  Olympic® Premium Stain Stripper and then power-washed it off. This removed dirt and any stain left on the wood.

Day 2: Brighten & Wash

Because of the extensive wear and tear, the contractors also applied and washed off Olympic® Premium Deck Brightener & Wash as a second step before staining. For most projects, Olympic® Premium Stain Stripper would be enough to prepare the wood for stain. But in this case, they chose to add the brightener to accentuate the grain in the boards, which were an exotic Brazilian hardwood known as Ipe.





Days 3-6: Stain

For the next few days, contractors applied stain to the deck, side walls, planters, and a few tables and chairs using large brushes. Because the deck was in direct sunlight and midday temperatures were in the 80s, the contractors worked in the early morning hours.





They chose  Olympic® Elite Woodland Oil for semi-transparent coverage that would allow the wood grain and texture of the Ipe wood to show. It required only one coat, which shortened the length of the project.





Day 7: Enjoy

By day 7, the plants were brought back in and the furniture was arranged. The result is a rooftop deck as lush and beautiful as the city it overlooks … a wow factor for first-time guests and prospective staffers. Since the project was completed, the deck has weathered sun, rains, light snow, and a 15th anniversary bash under the stars and city lights. It is holding up beautifully. 





The most difficult stage of the process was choosing from a long list of colour choices. They eventually selected Kona Brown for its rich, natural appearance and because they liked the way the deep shade contrasted with the white surroundings and furniture.

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