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How To Pick The Perfect Home Paint Colour Scheme

We'll give you a hint: it starts with you!

Is the perfect home paint colour a myth? Think about it. For every room there is a hundred shades of blue. For every shade of blue, there are hundreds of unique shades of red. Pick a red, and you have hundreds of other colors to see!

Fret not, the perfect colour is out there. You just need to find it.

What do you like?

Ask yourself what colour makes you most comfortable. Does a paint colour make you inexplicably feel happy? Go for it! Do yellows make you anxious or excited? Maybe skip those hues as major parts of your bedrooms and bathrooms and save them for a few small accents.

Or, strategically use those colours that excite you to encourage conversation in rooms like kitchens, dining rooms and kids' rooms.

Look at your furniture

Do any trends or colour combinations stick out to you? Open your closet or take a careful look around your existing home. Your lifestyle could be showing you the perfect palette without you knowing it. You could have already determined your favorite colour scheme without even realizing it!

Take your next steps

Once you answer those personal questions, the next part is easy. Take your favorite colours and see where they fit into colour collections. Then, mix and match options until you have the colour scheme that’s just right for you. You may even call it perfect.

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