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Staining Tip: How Do I Choose A Stain Opacity?

Never have trouble finding the right stain finish again

From clear sealants to solid colour stains, we'll help you find a stain opacity to fit any need you may have. Let’s walk through the different opacities to better understand which options best fit your next project.

Clear Sealants

Clears are the lightest or most transparent opacity option. A clear finish will show the most amount of wood grain and impact the colour of your wood the least, allowing it to weather gray naturally. This is a great option if you prefer the natural look and colour of your wood. While clears provide the lowest amount of protection for your wood among all opacities, our Olympic® Maximum Waterproofing Sealant is warrantied up to three years.


Toners provide a slight hint of colour that maintains or restores the natural beauty of wood. Our toner products, such as Olympic Elite Advanced Stain + Sealant in One, offer exceptional UV resistance and enhanced waterproofing protection.

Semi- Transparent Stains

Semi-transparent stains offer a subtle, yet more pronounced colour appearance while still allowing some wood grain and texture to show through. With over 45 semi-transparent colours available, this opacity is a confident compromise between showing off wood’s natural beauty and still adding a touch of your favorite stain color.

Semi- Solid Stains

This option provides the same rich color as semi-transparent stain, however, it also hides some of the wood grain while still allowing its texture to show. It provides more hide for wood with imperfections.

Solid Color Stains

Think of solid colour stains as being the most opaque of the opacities. These stains, available in dozens of colors, offer the most protection and will cover your wood surface completely. No good grain will show through. 

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