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Top House Paint Colours

These top house paint colors will bring a rustic look to your home

Choosing an exterior house paint is one of the most important parts of owning a home. It can change the entire atmosphere; different exterior house paint colours suggest different moods. For example, yellow is bright and lends a cheerful air to a home, while blue is peaceful, grey is stately, and brown is comfortable. Perhaps you have recently moved into a new house, or perhaps your home is simply in need of a new look. Whatever the case may be, there are many options available to help in the quest for a new coat of exterior house paint.

Brown House Paint Colors

Brown is one of the most popular exterior house colors. It gives the house a warm, homey atmosphere. If this is the impression that you are looking for, tan, beige, or another light brown like Spiced Vinegar would be ideal. Since light browns are neutral colors, these would blend well with any landscape, making your home the talk of the neighborhood. Darker browns, on the other hand, hint at the log cabin days, with all the hope of new life and family fun. 

Blue House Paint Colors

Everyone loves blue. It is one of the most popular colours in America, and the shades are nearly endless. Blue exterior house colours give the impression of a peaceful, cozy home. For a more rustic look, sky blue and light shades like Quicksilver and Feldspar are ideal exterior paint colors. However, with the right accents, darker shades and greener shades like turquoise, royal blue, and sapphire can give the most modern home an old-fashioned appeal. 

White House Paint Colors

White may seem like the most basic and boring of exterior house paint colors, but you would be surprised to discover that it is actually perfect for elegantl, rustic home design. White in all of its shades (eggshell, cream, etc.) is the go-to for exterior paint colors.Try Antique White to give the home a clean, polished look, while still retaining the authenticity of an old mansion.

Yellow House Paint Colors

Pale, cheerful, and bright. Even the sun acknowledges that yellow is the happiest of colors. For a happy, rustic home for which your great-grandmother would sigh in envy, paint your house any shade of yellow. Indian Maize and Forsytha Blossom are excellent choices for the exterior of your home.  

In conclusion, these are the top house paint colours for a rustic, charming look that will give your home great curb appeal, as well as making your home warm and inviting for all your friends and family. Will you have a sunshine house, or an earthy house reminiscent of the log cabin days? The choice is yours.

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