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DIY: How to Paint Your Ceiling

Simple steps for a perfect finish

Prepare Your Workspace

To paint your ceiling, you’ll need to use a thick-nap roller with an extension pole to reach overhead. For edges and corners, you’ll need an angled brush and painter’s tape. Don’t forget a ladder, painter’s tape, a paint tray and liner, a thick drop cloth to protect your flooring, and plastic to protect windows and furniture.

Choose Your Color

Close quarters? A standard white ceiling can reflect light and brighten a small room. To add interest to your space, opt for non-traditional colors. Lighter shades can visually extend your walls and open up your space, while darker shades can create an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Consider colour swatches under different lights—evening and daylight, candle and lamplight. When you find the perfect shade, choose a flat finish to hide any surface imperfections. Durable and easy-to-apply Olympic® ONE® Ceiling Paint can help you get the job done.

Tape and Prime

To preserve your wall paint, ensure that it has fully cured and tape the perimeter where the wall meets the ceiling. This will create an even finish and provide you with a margin for any mistakes. Choose a paint with a built-in primer, like Olympic® ONE® Ceiling Paint, to eliminate the need for multiple coats of paint.


Paint Your Ceiling

Use your angled brush to paint along the perimeter of your ceiling before you work inward. Cover an area of 3 to 4 inches from the outer edges. While this coat is still wet, use your roller to apply paint to the rest of the ceiling. Use light, continuous zigzag motions to ensure an even coat. Continue in sections until complete. Finally, blend the sections with long, straight strokes with your roller. 

With some planning and care, you can turn daunting into done! 
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