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Painting Advice: I need help with living room colors!

Don't panic, we'll help you find the best living room colors!

With so many colour options, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed at first. Don’t worry though! You already have everything you need to find the perfect colour for your living room colours DIY project. You simply need to start with the right question. 

How do you want your living room to feel?

What describes the feeling you want to evoke in the living room of your home? Once that feeling is identified, you can use our color visualizer to see your room painted before your brush ever touches the paint. Before visualizing, use the list below as a possible guide. Colors can really impact the feel and mood of your room.

For example  

Black can feel elegant or formal

Blue can feel stable and relaxing

Green can feel natural and calming

Yellow can feel energetic and joyful

Orange can feel happy or creative

Red can feel intense and passionate

Explore each colour family that corresponds to the feeling you wish to create. If you have exisiting furniture or pieces of decoration, try matching the mood and colour of the new room to the items you already own. Consider what you have and then decide on what you would like to add. 

Do you want a formal living room?

Check out our gray & black paint colors. These classic options bring out class and sophistication. Use multiple variations from this same colour family to add depth and continuity to your living room.

You want a creative living room?

Take a look at our orange paint colors. These exciting options inspire all those who find themselves around them. Pair softer orange hues with accents of bold options (like Cinnamon Stone #OL606.6) to make simple colour combinations that complement one another. 

See your colours in action

Use this model for any setting and mood you want in your living room: simply decide on your desired mood and then pick your corresponding colors.

You have plenty of options when it comes to living room colors, so don't feel restricted. We have dozens upon dozens of gorgeous colour options from different colour families. Choose one, try two or compare a handful of them. Then, use our paint visualizer to see your living room painted in seconds. 

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