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Painting Advice: What Paint Should I Use In My Kitchen?

You want something beautiful, protective and durable

Kitchens are unique in the diversity of activities that go on inside of them. They serve as dinner spaces, entertaining rooms, play areas, coffee shops, makeshift home offices, and the occasional place for cooking. Your kitchen needs to stand up against wear, tear and your own high standards and use kitchen colors you will love.

A satin or a semi-gloss paint would be your best bet. Semi-gloss would be the more durable of the two, but it doesn’t perform as well as satin at hiding the imperfections that already exist in your wall. 

Satin paint will have a “softer” look to it and mask imperfections better. These are desirable qualities to many kitchen dwellers. However, satin won’t hold up to the endless cycle of “mess and clean” as well as semi-gloss. 

Consider your situation for the ultimate choice. If your family isn’t regularly leaving messes behind, you can make your choice based off aesthetic preference. If your household happens to be a bit more lively, you may want to lean towards the sturdier of the two. Thanks for reading, please take a look at one of our many other kitchen ideas articles or take a moment to browse some great information about painting kitchen cabinets.

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