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Paint Calculator

Find Out How Much Paint Your Project Needs

Wondering how much paint you need to complete your DIY project? Our simple-to-use paint calculator helps you determine the right amount of paint for your project before you start painting. You can add as many walls as your project demands and even include the windows and doors to ensure an accurate estimation. Stop asking, "how much paint do I need?" Save time and money, while eliminating waste with our paint calculator. 

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Number of Windows

Number of Doors


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Number of Coats

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Congratulations! You now know how much paint you need to complete your painting project. Now that you're ready to get started, use the links below to find an Olympic retailer near you or to calculate the amount of paint needed for a different project.

How To Use

Using the calculator above is quick and easy. Follow these steps, calculate your quantity, and then confidently buy the right amount paint for your painting project.

Determine the right amount of paint for your project

  1. Measure the height and width of every wall or surface you wish to paint
  2. Use our "Add a Wall" feature to match the number of surfaces in the calculation to your number of measured surfaces
  3. Fill in the open boxes of each row (Wall 1...Wall 2...etc) with your measurements
  4. Enter the total number of windows and doors respectively
  5. Press the Calculate button
You will then have the option of selecting the number of coats you wish to apply. Some jobs, like covering older surfaces or walls previously painted with bright colors, require extra coats. Be sure to select the number of coats that applies to your project. Once calculated, you can move forward with your painting project! "How much paint do I need?" Now you know. 
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